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Elevate your taste with wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains; wines of extraordinary complexity and pedigree.

Overlooking the renowned Silicon Valley, the Santa Cruz Mountains is a winegrowing region where high tech gives way to high altitude. It’s the first California appellation defined by its high-altitude vineyards and unique location at the convergence of coastal mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and the San Francisco Bay. Since the 1870s, this area has been recognized as one of California’s finest growing regions

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More than 70 wineries and 200 growers produce wines shaped by the elevation and the ocean’s cooling influence. The region yields elegant wines from small producers who specialize in pinot noir, chardonnay, and cabernet sauvignon. The wines share distinct aromas and flavor profiles derived from mineral-rich soils, elevated mountainside vineyards, and the cooling marine effect from nearby bays and open ocean.

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Spanning nearly half a million acres, the Santa Cruz Mountains is a broad region best experienced across several days or several visits. Just minutes from the city of San Jose and an hour south of San Francisco, the region is easy to explore by car. Idyllic small towns nestle at the base of steep mountain vineyards, offering plentiful tasting rooms, dining options and overnight accommodations.

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